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ViMP 3.6 Cross Device Video Playback Facebook / YouTube Community News Sidebar Stickers help Thumbnail View Administration Panel

ViMP 3.6

The biggest ViMP update ever!

ViMP 3.6 contains the largest number of new features that we have ever released within a ViMP update.

The most important ones are: dashboard and graphical statistics, quality selector in the media player*, completely reworked media import*, new HTML5 uploader and a lot more.


*not included in all ViMP editions


Cross Device Video Playback

By accessing the portal with a Smartphone, ViMP automatically switches to its mobile layout.

Due to HTML5 support and different video resolutions the media files play smoothly on any device.

Touch support of the repsonsive design ensures the best browsing experience with Tablets as well.


Facebook / YouTube

Login, extremly simple! Users can login into ViMP directly with their Facebook account. No registration, no new user name and passwort - just log in and start to have fun!

From 0 to 100. Does it feel like eternity until your portal fills with media? Get started with interesting contents by importing videos directly from YouTube.


Community News

The news list on the community page informs your users about the latest activities of their friends and other users.Thus an active community stays managable and encourages the users to join.



The constantly visible context menu of the sidebar dynamicaly displays the profile of the logged in user.That way the user always sees how many of his/her friends are online, if he/she received new messages and other helpful information.


Stickers help

The thumbnails are provieded with several stickers.These stickers display who's online, if it's a new, featured or own medium or if it belongs to the user's favorites.


Thumbnail View

ViMP offers three types of thumbnail views that can be switched by each user at any time. By default the thumbnails appear in wide-screen format for a better cinematic experience.The different image sizes are generated automatically during conversion of the media files.


Administration Panel

Clearness and easy handling feature the optimized administration backend.

Whether media, users, groups, channels or single contributions have to be edited or verified - fast and everyday work are made easier by the clearly arranged structure.

Graphical statistics and the new dashboard help you to keep track of the growth of your video platform.




  • WebTv-Akrobaten#


    Wer braucht noch einen Fernseher, wenn er WebTv sehen kann.

  • Die stärksten Uploader#

    Die stärksten Uploader

    Wer kann mich überbieten mit seiner Anzahl hochgeladener Medien?
    Oder wer möchte es versuchen?

  • HD und HDR Konsumenten#

    HD und HDR Konsumenten

    eine Gruppe für Leute, die nur noch HD-Filme und HDR-Bilder konsumieren

  • München Fans#

    München Fans

    Für alle Fans, Freunde und Bewohner der schönen Landeshauptstadt München

  • Spielgruppe#


    Beispielgruppe mit Beispielbeschreibung.

  • Haustiere#


    Jeder, der ein Haustier hat, bitte hier anmelden, um tipps und tricks auszutauschen und sich neue Videos seines Tiers zu zeigen.


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